About the library

“Latvian Library for the Blind” is a cultural, educational and information providing establishment, whose main goal to ensure library, bibliographical and informational services for the visually disabled. Its main task is to provide access to books and information in a form suitable for people unable to read ordinary print, such as Braille books and talking books. Library services for the visually disabled are offered at the central library situated in Riga and in seven branch libraries located in the biggest cities of Latvia. Each branch serves its region, thus covering the whole territory of Latvia.

Balvi branch

Cesis branch

Daugavpils branch

Jelgava branch

Liepaja branch

Rezekne branch

Ventspils branch

Library users can receive the necessary information directly at the library, over the phone or using postal services, which are, for the visually disabled, free of charge. Another possibility is to have books delivered, for users unable to visit the library, using our transport. The card catalogues are available in ordinary print and Braille.

Using international interlibrary loan services, it is possible to borrow Braille books in foreign languages.

At the request of our customers, audiobooks may be sent to Latvian settlements abroad.

At the library, there is the Users Service department, with a reading room, where it is also possible to get music. There everyone can find a vast collection of historical materials concerning the life of the blind, their education, activities, typhlopedagogics and typhlosurdopedagogics, about social problems, rehabilitation and other issues. At the reading room, there is an Internet connection available, and adapted computers for the visually impaired users.

The Methodology department

The Sound Recording Studio has been in function since 1961. The books recorded there are available on cassettes and CDs.

The Braille department was founded in November, 2005. It provides books and information printed in Braille.